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Parthenon (P. Hux) Huxley

Parthenon Huxley, aka P. Hux, has been dubbed a "pop visionary", "rock's most underrated pop genius", a songwriting "master" as well as the guy with the "monumental name." Call him whatever, the singer/guitarist just wants to make memorable music. P. Hux has recorded eight full-length albums: Parthenon Huxley Sunny Nights; P. Hux Deluxe; P. Hux Live In Your Living Room; P. Hux Purgatory Falls; P. Hux in Your Parlour; Homemade Spaceship The Music of ELO Performed by P. Hux"; P. Hux Mile High Fan; and the just released P. Hux Kiss The Monster.

Beginning with his earliest recordings, critics have been generous with their praise. Huxley's first self-produced single, "Buddha, Buddha" (cost: $400) earned this reaction: "You could land a marlin with these hooks!" howled Rolling Stone. "One of the ten best records ever made in North Carolina" bellowed the Greensboro Record.

Three separate Huxley albums have been declared Album of the Year: Sunny Nights by Creative Loafing Magazine; Deluxe by Audities Magazine; and Homemade Spaceship by online musicians Just Plain Folks. Online critic Margot Carmichael Lester gushed about Huxley's 2001 album, "Purgatory Falls is potentially the most honest, moving and complete collection of love songs ever put on one record."

Three albums in particular--Deluxe, Purgatory Falls and Kiss The Monster--paint a vivid portrait of Huxley's recent life experiences. His marriage with screenwriter Janet Heaney is the underlying topic of "Deluxe"; his wife's ultimately fatal battle with cancer and Huxley's emotional devastation after her passing is the inspiration behind Purgatory Falls; and his newly resurrected life (marriage, fatherhood) fuels the songs on Kiss The Monster. Huxley writes from the crucible of life's most defining experiences. His lyrics reveal a landscape of struggles and triumphs, large and small. Yet all the while his music is unfailingly melodic and based on the tried and true recipe of guitar-bass-drums-vocal.

P. Hux has collaborated with--and learned from--tons of other musicians. His early teachers in the studio were two of the best producers in the music business: Don Dixon (R.E.M., Smithereens) and David Kahne (McCartney, Sugar Ray, Bangles). Huxley has written four top twenty hits: "Hello Cruel World" with moodmeister E (Mark Everett of eels), "You Don't Have To Remind Me" with rock chanteuse Sass Jordan, "Wake Me Up" with pretty boy pop dude Kyle Vincent and "With Heaven On Our Side", recorded by mainstream rock tyrants Foreigner. Huxley-penned songs appear on records by Robi Draco Rosa, Dave Wakeling, Robert Lamm, Jeffrey Foskett, Gus, Brother Cane and numerous others. He produced and wrote nearly half of Rusty Anderson's Undressing Underwater, the first solo album from the McCartney guitarist.

As a member of other bands, P. Hux has contributed as writer and producer to three albums: The Blazers "How To Rock"; VeG "VeG"; and The Orchestra "No Rewind." VeG was called "marvelous stuff" by Mojo Magazine and No Rewind has been recognized as a more than worthy member of the ELO pantheon. Huxley performs live as a solo artist; with his three-piece band (also called P. Hux); and with The Orchestra, the group he joined in 1998 that includes three original members of ELO. As guitarist and singer with The Orchestra, Huxley has played some of the world's great stages (Royal Albert Hall among them) in more than twenty countries.

Huxley's own band of the last ten years has featured the drumming of Gordon Townsend and the bassplaying of first Rob Miller and, presently, Dan Rothchild. All three guys are monster players. Parthenon Huxley was born in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. He lived in Summit, New Jersey, Athens, Greece, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, New York City and Los Angeles before moving his family to Maryland in 2003.....................................................

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