Nowadays when you travel, you pretty much go to a mall that also has planes. Tallinn, Estonia's airport, vying to be the "world's coziest" goes a step further. Even the gates are kind of fun. They each have a different theme, and most don't look like gates at all. Here's Gate 5. 

We only had one day in Tallinn, so sightseeing was limited. However, I've been there before so I headed back to spots I liked the first time. Here's an overview of the extremely well preserved Medieval part of the city. Tallinn Old Town has benefited over the years from huge protective walls and lots of stone buildings--as opposed to the wooden kind which tend to burn down when your city gets sacked. Tallinn goes back roughly a thousand years. Since winning their freedom and independence in the 90s Estonians have raced to upgrade, preserve and present their city in the best possible light. It's a beautiful place.

They've kept ancient stone towers as they are and put fresh paint on buildings from recent centuries. 

The influence from nearby Russia is clear.

Hard to avoid rubber-necking tourists such as the above.

Stone structures, not wood. Gotta remember that. 

And now for some more stone, including cobblestone pavers.

Wait, what? How did this wood survive the pillaging? Detail from a door. I don't think this style's available at Home Depot.

You gotta love a Medieval town with a "hashtag sweet selfie spot."

Alright, let's do this: Glen Burtnik, Frank Sinatra, Audrey Hepburn, Gordown Townsend. Audrey's holding her own in the midst of a lot of manliness.

There's a modern part of the city, too, of course. I like this floating glass building. BTW, the weather was cool and crisp, reminiscent of upstate New York in summer.

I decide to try my hand at conducting.  



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