September 2023 - P. Hux releases new album As Good As Advertised

Parthenon Huxley. Rock n Roll for people who read. ”

— Michael Hughes, WRDU

Gold dust voice. Marvelous stuff.”

— Mojo Magazine

A monumental debut.”

— Rolling Stone

Friday Dec 2, 2022 at Jammin Java. Twenty four songs. Fantastic crowd.

Daniel Clarke, maestro of the keyboards

Thank you and good night. L-R: Daniel Clarke, PH, Dave Phenicie, Ricky Wise. My Ridiculous Band.

Watch 'em here: The Pandemic Houseguy Shows!

When I was stuck at home and it wasn't safe to perform in public, I took my iPhone to the basement and created the PANDEMIC HOUSEGUY SHOW (Parthenon Huxley...Pandemic Houseguy...get it?) I had no idea how to operate iMovie on my phone at first, but I kinda got into it. The Pandemic Houseguy Show features musical performances, comedy bits with recurring characters, special guests, a popular segment called Mistaken Medley and more. Once I reached the ten-episode threshold I figured that was plenty. American Songwriter Magazine says the Pandemic Houseguy Shows are "a whole lot of fun to watch...great music and whimsy." We all could use a little whimsy, right? Please sit back and be entertained.




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